Kellyanne Conway And Mike Pence Try To Mop Up The Gennifer Flowers Mess While Slinging Insults At Clinton

09.25.16 3 years ago 9 Comments

The upcoming Monday night debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the hot topic on the Sunday morning talk show circuit. And naturally, the subject wasn’t one of debate strategy but guests who could shake up the opposing sides.

It all started with Mark Cuban’s projected appearance in the front row. Folks seem to think he’s joking, which is a natural reaction since Cuban acts like a troll on Twitter. But the Dallas Mavericks owner did receive an invitation from the Clinton campaign, and an aide told CNN: “He has the best seat we have access to.” Whether this turns out to be a “Humbling at Hofstra” as Cuban predicted remains to be seen because Trump could bring his game face.

Trump retaliated with a tweet-threat to invite Gennifer Flowers to sit next to Cuban. The assumption is that Clinton will be rattled by the presence of her husband’s former mistress, and Flowers both denied and confirmed her attendance. Sunday morning saw a giant clean up effort by Team Trump after criticism over what some see as him showing his true colors despite the Flowers threat being all for show.

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