Reports Of Shots Fired At LAX Airport Were A False Alarm, Claim Police

08.29.16 3 years ago

On Sunday evening, Los Angeles’ LAX airport became the subject of mixed reports, which resulted in an evacuation. Details were initially scarce, but reports of shots fired and an active shooting situation prompted mass panic. This video from Sam Macon shows passengers fleeing the premises as police cars arrived. CBS LA reports that Terminal 5 was one focus of this activity.

As is the case with these breaking situations, the first reports came from people inside the airport itself. NBC’s Lester Holt had just touched down in Terminal 4 when people “started pouring out” onto the tarmac with security telling people to run.

One patron posted photos and indicated that someone shouted about a shooter, which led to travelers fleeing and abandoning their belongings. Another user tweeted a picture of people on the ground while security investigated.

LAX Airport took to its Twitter account to address the situation. They were unable to immediately verify whether any shootings could be confirmed.

The LAPD also relayed that they found no victims or evidence of a shooter. The situation was reminiscent of a recent evacuation at JFK airport in New York City, which turned out to be a false alarm. But authorities continued to explore whether shots were actually fired at LAX.

At around 12:50am EST, the LAPD’s Andy Neiman confirmed that the situation appeared to be a false alarm. Neiman stated that the panic was caused by “loud noises only.” Police are still investigating the source of the noise.

LAX also reported a confirmation from its airport police that no shots were fired. Their repopulation efforts have now commenced.

This photos showed passengers being evacuated for rescreening. This may indicate that other terminals were cleared as a precaution.

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