A London Transit Officer Took On All Three London Bridge Terrorists In A Stunning Act Of Heroism

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Saturday’s terrorist attacks in London — during which three terrorists drove a van through crowds on London Bridge before subsequently stabbing and attacking innocent bystanders in restaurants and on the street — has rightfully shaken many people who have read the details of the situation. It’s unsettling to think about, even if London has remained resilient in the aftermath, and tragic to think of those who lost their lives in yet another example of senseless and unimaginable violence on a random weekend evening.

With the terrorists all killed by law enforcement, stories have begun to emerge about the heroism on display by police officers and citizens of England’s capital city. Whether it is restaurant patrons fighting back against the attackers with glasses and crates, or a random guy running through the streets with his pint of beer, there are more than enough uplifting anecdotes to go around.

The latest story is one of indescribable heroism, as it has come out that a British Transport Officer took on all three terrorists with only a baton to defend himself. According to The Independent, the officer suffered multiple stab wounds to his legs, head, and face while facing off against the attacks and is being rightfully declared a hero. The officer’s superior testified to his bravery and “enormous courage.” Chief Constable Paul Crowther’s full statement is as such:

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