Marco Rubio Absolutely Shreds Donald Trump At A Mockery-Filled Rally

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02.26.16 5 Comments
marco rubio read donald trump tweets with misspellings aloud

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The robot got an upgrade, and this operating system is ready to roll. After Marco Rubio landed a series of well-timed punches on Donald Trump at Thursday evening’s CNN GOP debate, Rubio executed a merciless attack on Trump at a Dallas rally. In doing so, he proved that he wasn’t simply a well-rehearsed candidate. He’s fully shifted gears and emerged as a deadly cyborg, and honest to god, he proved that he could possibly save the Republican party from a Trump nomination.

At this rally, Rubio truly gave no f*cks and launched into a Trump-esque stand-up comedy routine. This was a fairly impromptu performance where he pulled out Trump’s brand new tweets. Have you seen them yet? Trump dropped several misspelled tweets that mocked the hell out of Rubio. He typed, “Wow, every poll said I won the debate last night. Great honer!” Twice, he tweeted that Rubio was “a leightweight chocker.” The screencaps are glorious and shall live on forever.

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