A Van Has Rammed Into Multiple Bus Stops In Marseille, France, Killing At Least One Person

08.21.17 2 years ago

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A few days after a van killed 13 people at a Barcelona tourist spot (in what has been determined to be a terror attack), another van has rammed into two bus stops in the southern French port city of Marseille. At least one woman is dead (with another person injured) in the second largest city of France, and police have not yet revealed whether this is being investigated as an accident or an intentional incident. However, the bus stops are located three miles away from each other, which would appear to rule out an accident.

Authorities have taken the driver of the van into custody, and the BBC notes unconfirmed reports that he has a criminal history (although not one that is under surveillance by French intelligence) and “may have mental health issues.” ABC News further reports that the police have have not yet ruled out terrorism as a motive as the investigation continues.

Since summer 2016, several similar deadly incidents involving large vehicles have occurred around the globe, including a Bastille Day terror attack that killed over 60 people and multiple incidents in London. Last week, a car also plowed into a pizzeria outside of Paris, killing at least one person.

This is a developing incident, and we will update this post with any significant developments that occur.

(Via BBC & ABC News)

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