Is Megyn Kelly About To Leave Fox News, Too?

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09.06.16 8 Comments

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Between settling with Gretchen Carlson to the tune of $20 million and the departure of On the Record host Greta Van Susteren, the Tuesday after Labor Day proved quite busy for Fox News. Carlson sued the channel and its then-chairman, Roger Ailes, for sexual harassment back in July. Many, including Van Susteren, defended Ailes against Carlson’s accusations, but more and more current and former female employees of the organization came out on Carlson’s side. The result? Ailes resigned at Rupert Murdoch’s request, setting the stage for what many pundits considered a massive shakeup.

Whether or not Van Susteren’s decision to leave had anything to do with Ailes’ ousting remains unclear, though she admitted Fox News hadn’t “felt like home to me for a few years” in a Facebook post. Yet her sudden decision to leave the place she called home for 14 years, and the “key man” clause that allowed her to do it, begs the question: Who else is about to leave the most popular cable news channel on television? Seeing as how Bret Baier, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly’s contracts contain the same clause, perhaps one or all three of them will be next.

Then again, seeing as how star anchor Megyn Kelly’s contract ends following the presidential election in November, there’s a good chance Ailes’ former pupil might be setting her sights on a new home. Especially since, according to a new report by Deadline, the Kelly File host just hired her first non-Fox News publicist.

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