Melania And Barron Trump Have Officially Moved Into The White House

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06.11.17 8 Comments

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On Sunday, President Trump officially welcomed Melania and their 11-year-old son, Barron, to the White House after they touched down in Marine One. Barron, naturally, managed to be the coolest of the trio in his “The Expert” t-shirt while Melania and her husband looked perfectly awkward as usual. Since she swatted away his hand — twice! — during Donald’s first foreign trip, a cursory examination is unavoidable. Donald’s holding Melania’s hand, and she isn’t exactly resisting, but she’s also holding her purse in that hand. This could suggest a preemptive strategy to ward off requisite presidential PDA, or perhaps she simply likes holding her purse on the left side (and Donald hasn’t noticed the pattern).

Regardless of what’s going on, handwise — and Melania has invited ongoing scrutiny with the aforementioned swatting/possible trolling — it’s significant to see the family move into the White House. Back in February, the Trump-friendly Us Weekly predicted that Melania might never move from NYC to D.C. The stated reason was that Barron enjoyed his NYC school, and the Trumps worried about uprooting him.

Those concerns, however, must have only applied to the recent school year. Over the past few days, rumors have circulated that Melania and Barron would move into the White House on Donald’s 71st birthday (June 14), but the deed happened a few days ahead of time. Over on Twitter, Melania toasted the occasion in her own way .. with an understated photo.

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