Michael Moore Breaks Down His Theory Of How Clinton Lost The Midwest To Stunningly Clear Effect

11.11.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

Michael Moore, who is everywhere right now, predicted Trump’s victory in eerie, painstaking detail in July. On Thursday night, he offered the Democrats some 2020 advice they’d be wise to consider. And on Friday morning, he popped into MSNBC’s Morning Joe for what was supposed to be a 7-minute segment. Instead, Joe shut down all commercial breaks and kept Moore talking for a full 45 minutes. This was no ordinary talk show appearance, so it’s worth an examination. These top two clips break down the multiple reasons why Moore believes Clinton lost the Midwest, and one extra clip gives a preview of what we might expect from the coming months.

Above, Moore places the blame for Clinton’s Michigan loss partially upon President Obama (though later, he explains another key root cause). Way back in May, the president visited the beleaguered city of Flint and sipped filtered water during a photo op. All of this happened as part of Obama’s effort to reassure Flint citizens about a public health catastrophe that was largely the fault of Republican Governor Rick Snyder and his administration. However, Obama’s move backfired, and Moore says this was a terrible mistake that contributed to Clinton’s 11,000 ballot loss in Moore’s home state. The poor Democratic turnout in several traditionally blue states was amplified here, and Moore believes he knows why:

“[Obama] showed up to Flint five months ago and drank the water when it was still not fixed. The pipes are still not replaced! He drank the water to say, ‘It’s all okay, everyone.’ And it was like a knife in the heart of the people of Flint.” Moore believes Michigan held that grudge and took it out on the Democratic ticket. 90,000 Michiganders voted for every office and every ballot proposal on both sides of the ballot — and refused to vote for president. They were not going to vote for Trump … but they had refused to participate in a system that had left them forgotten.”

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