Michelle Obama Wonders Why The Trump Administration Is ‘Okay With Your Kids Eating Crap’

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05.12.17 49 Comments

In addition to rolling back her “Let Girls Learn” program, Donald Trump’s White House also decided to decimate former First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch initiative earlier this month. Due to the ongoing fallout from FBI Director James Comey’s sudden firing, reporting on the issue has fallen to the wayside, though Michelle apparently wasn’t going to let her hard-won efforts die with a whimper. Hence why she ridiculed the Trump administration and its supporters for steamrolling her programs during remarks given at an annual health conference in Washington.

“We have to make sure we don’t let anybody take us back, because the question is, ‘Where are we going back to?’ This is where you really have to look at motives,” she told the crowd. “That’s up to moms. Moms, think about this. I don’t care what state you live in. Take me out of the equation. Like me, don’t like me. But think about why someone is okay with your kids eating crap?”

Between scattered cheers from the crowd, Obama concluded, “Here’s the secret. If somebody is [celebrating this], they don’t care about your kids.” Which, of course, is an important message that all Americans should listen to right now — especially if they have children in a public school system. Unsurprisingly the majority of Twitter found itself fascinated with Obama’s decision to use the word “crap.” Not because it was bad, per se, but because it’s nowhere near as awful as what Americans have been inundated with.

(Via NBC News)

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