Experts Claim North Korea’s Latest Nuclear Test Poses A ‘High Priority’ Risk For The Next President

09.10.16 2 years ago

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Much of our discussion on national security during this election has revolved around terrorism and how to deal with ISIS. The United States and Russia have come to an agreement on how they will contend with the latter, but experts are pointing to North Korea as the true threat for the future. President Obama and Hillary Clinton both condemned the dictatorship’s latest test, while GOP presidential nominee used it as an avenue to criticize Hillary Clinton. But for those keeping a close eye on North Korea’s missile testing and nuclear program, the threat from North Korea may need more than just typical condemnation.

According to The New York Times, North Korea is edging closer and closer to manufacturing a missile that could reach the United States, and the next president will be the decider in how the nation will respond:

“They’ve greatly increased the tempo of their testing — in a way, showing off their capabilities, showing us images of ground tests they could have kept hidden,” John Schilling, an aerospace engineer and expert on North Korea’s missile program, said in an interview on Friday. “This isn’t something that can be ignored anymore. It’s going to be a high priority for the next president.”

Military experts say that by 2020, Pyongyang will most likely have the skills to make a reliable intercontinental ballistic missile topped by a nuclear warhead. They also expect that by then North Korea may have accumulated enough nuclear material to build up to 100 warheads.

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