Barack Obama Couldn’t Resist Making Fun Of Donald Trump’s Twitter Habits

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04.28.17 5 Comments

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After aging 40 years in eight years as president, Barack Obama deserved a few weeks off the grid (which he spent surfing with billionaire Richard Branson). But now he’s back, baby. On Monday, for the first time since leaving the White House in January, Obama returned to a public stage at the University of Chicago, where he asked the question on everyone’s mind:

“So, uh, what’s been going on while I’ve been gone?”

Obama continued his jam-packed week on Thursday with an appearance at the A&E Networks advertising upfront in Manhattan. He was interviewed by presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, who asked #44 what he misses the most about living in the White House. “He said it was sitting on the Truman Balcony on summer nights,” according to the New York Post, “and gazing at the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.”

Obama also [said] that in his three months out of office, he has not yet been behind the wheel of a car and he’s learning how to use the coffee machine in the Obamas’ new home in Washington, DC. (Via)

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