John McCain Dramatically Cast The Final Senatorial Vote To Open Debate On The Obamacare Repeal Bill

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07.25.17 15 Comments

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As previously reported, Republican Senator John McCain returned to Congress (following his brain cancer diagnosis) on Tuesday for the gateway Obamacare repeal decision. That is to say, Trump’s bonkers health care press conference has been followed up with the Senate’s procedural vote — a “motion to proceed” that required 50 votes to pass — which was held to determine whether (or not) to open up the GOP health care bill for debate.

Clearly, every vote mattered in this crucial step, which has seen several significant stumbling blocks on the way. And McCain cast the final senatorial “aye” vote, which prompted Mike Pence to cast a tie-breaker vote in favor of proceeding, 50-51. This signals a temporary victory for the GOP, and in response, Ted Cruz merrily tweeted an NBA analogy to Willis Reed’ 1970 inspirational basket for the New York Knicks.

Naturally, McCain was also treated to a standing ovation upon his return.

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