New Evidence Is Reportedly Being Tested In The O.J. Simpson Murder Case In A ‘Top Secret Investigation’ – Video

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In a crazy twist on the O.J. Simpson murder case, new evidence is reportedly being tested in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, according to TMZ. The story goes that at some point, dating possibly back to 1998 when the former estate of O.J. Simpson was demolished, a construction worker found a folding buck knife buried on the perimeter of the property. If you’ll recall, the murder weapon in the case was never recovered.

The worker supposedly took the knife to an off duty LAPD traffic cop who was on security detail for a movie shoot across the street, who — and this is where is gets crazy — apparently decided to keep the knife as a memento. While the popular opinion is that O.J. did actually commit the murders, at the end of the day, he was acquitted, which means that the murder investigation was still very much open.

As to how this is all seeing the light of day now, coincidentally with the case resurfacing due to the popularity of American Crime Story, is even crazier.

In late January of this year, after the cop retired from the LAPD, he contacted a friend who worked in LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division (RHD). The cop told the friend about the knife and said he was getting it framed to put on his wall. He wanted his friend to get the DR (Departmental Record) number for the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder case, which he planned on engraving in the frame.

We’re told the friend was indignant, and told his superiors. The brass was outraged and demanded that the retired cop turn the knife over, which he did.

While the knife is allegedly rusted and stained at this point, one investigator working on the case thinks it looks like it may have blood residue on it. It’s currently being tested for hair and fingerprints, but next week it will reportedly be taken to the LAPD Serology Unit to be tested for DNA and other biological evidence.

As to what this means for the case is hard to say. Simpson can’t be tried for the same crime twice. Currently, he is in jail on unrelated charges in connection with his Las Vegas robbery case, where he will remain incarcerated until at least 2017.

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