The Phillies’ Famous ‘Pistachio Girl’ Has Been Fired Over Her White Nationalist Views

12.06.16 3 years ago 14 Comments

Philadelphia sports fans have affectionately known 26-year-old Emily Youcis (seen in the above video) as the “Pistachio Girl,” a fixture at the Philadelphia Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park for the past seven years now, where she was beloved for her unique way of slinging peanuts, pistachios, and Cracker Jacks. Youcis’ tenure with the Phillies came to an abrupt halt last week however, after it was recently revealed that she identifies herself as white nationalist.

It all started last month when Youcis was outed as part of what she refers to as a “a white identity movement,” when she became involved in a violent clash with protesters outside of a white-nationalism conference in Washington, D.C. Word quickly spread of Youcis’ involvement, and earlier this week she confirmed on Twitter that she had been let go shortly after.

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