Trump Kicked Off The Weekend With A Manic 10-Tweet Tweetstorm To Vent About, Well, Everything

07.22.17 9 months ago 13 Comments

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Grab your umbrellas, folks—another Saturday means another Presidential tweetstorm. This time the president spent the first couple hours of the day railing against leaks, various newspapers he doesn’t like, those fishy questions he was asking about presidential pardons, Clinton’s emails, Anthony Scaramucci’s loyalty, and Trumpcare. As per usual, all you need to do to understand the President’s morning tweets is to follow where he was getting his information last night.

Yesterday, the Washington Post published an article on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ contacts with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak based on new information that Sessions and Kislyak discussed “campaign-related matters” when they met last year. Earlier this week, Trump criticized Sessions in a New York Times inteview for recusing himself from the Senate’s probe into the Trump administration’s Russian connections. Now the President has made an about face, defending Sessions from what he sees as a leak and attack by the Post. That may be because he himself feels attacked by the paper after they yesterday covered President Trump’s inquiries into whether he could pardon himself and his family members.

The Post wasn’t the only paper that Trump accused of leaking this morning. He also accused the New York Times of spoiling an opportunity to kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after constant speculation by a variety of outlets about whether he is still alive. However, The Hill points out that Trump may have gotten the idea that al-Baghdadi’s survival is the fault of the Times after General Tony Thomas spoke to Fox News about how, two years ago, a special ops mission to catch al-Baghdadi that was thrown off when “a prominent national newspaper” spilled the beans.

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