Ronald Reagan’s Son Insists His Father Would Never, Ever Back Donald Trump

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06.08.16 8 Comments

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Donald Trump has grown quite fond of invoking the legacy of Ronald Reagan. His reasons for doing so are obvious, since conservatives maintain a fountain of goodwill for the 40th president. Trump has been wily while drawing comparisons, too. He loves trucking out his associates to sing his praises, and he sent former wife Ivana out to tell the story of how an important person told Donald — way back in the 1990s — that he must run for president. Ivana said it was “Reagan or somebody,” so it literally could have been anyone. Yet she planted the idea that maybe, possibly, in a bizarro sort of world, Ronald Reagan encouraged the future President Trump.

Trump has run with this idea, and maybe he even believes it. He draws references while explaining his own morphing stances, which he sees as an example of evolving like Reagan. But Reagan’s own son, Michael, feels much differently. This week, he pushed back against Trump with this announcement that he wouldn’t vote for the real-estate mogul in the California primary.

Then Michael added his father’s name to the mix, saying Donald’s rise would signal the first time his father would decline to support the GOP nominee. He name-checked RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who’s been weakly defending Trump’s antics.

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