Seth Meyers Chides The Media Lowering The Bar For Trump: ‘They’re Talking Like They’re Watching A Gorilla At The Zoo’

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Trump’s apparent new tone has had quite the effect on the media today. Van Jones and many in “the resistance” seemed to grab onto his joint address to Congress as the moment the president because THE president, earning them the scorn of people who haven’t forgotten the month that preceded his speech. As Seth Meyers puts it, “there are some Muslims and undocumented immigrants that would tell you he became president back in f*cking January.”

And he’s right, what we saw from Trump last night is no different than what we’ve seen since the president made his way down that golden escalator in 2015. He’s shifted tones many times and pundits were quick to say he had suddenly become presidential. That he had changed his ways and wasn’t going to be tweeting at 3 am as president or giving out nicknames to his enemies. Those moments turned out to be false and there isn’t much reason to think the performance on Tuesday night won’t turn out the same. Just look at the alleged “bait and switch” by the administration over immigration.

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