Stephen Colbert Launches His Campaign To Be Considered For President Trump’s ‘Dishonest’ Media Awards

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Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s planning to give out what he’s calling “THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR” next Monday created some excitement for Stephen Colbert. For The Late Show host, the president’s potential awards are another opportunity to mock him and cement his spot as one of Trump’s top late-night enemies.

To make sure he gets noticed, Colbert has created his own “for your consideration” campaign for the awards, taking some space in Times Square for an ad in hopes to get a nomination in each category.

This includes “best chex mixing,” “fakest dishonesty,” and the prestigious “Eric Trump memorial award for disappointment.” Colbert likely hopes to sweep the table, but he’s facing some stiff competition. Not only is CNN a favorite to win everything thanks to their ongoing feud with Trump, the “failing” New York Times and Washington Post are both making strides for the print side of the media.

But Colbert is definitely a front-runner for the late night entry if it exists. Seth Meyers might be his closest competition, with Jimmy Kimmel close behind. Then again, maybe he’ll just give every award to Steve Bannon at this point.

(Via The Late Show)

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