Greece Denies That Their Coast Guard Deliberately Tried To Sink A Syrian Refugee Raft

Film/TV Editor

A new video clip, which was released by the Turkish Institute of Public Diplomacy on Friday, puts an even more disturbing face on the Syrian refugee crisis. The clip (captured by the Turkish coast guard) appears to show an inflatable raft full of Syrian refugees in the Aegean sea. Under the cloak of night, the raft attempted to seek rescue with the Greek coast guard, which did not appear to welcome the refugees.

Instead, the clip shows a man reaching over the side of a Hellenic coast guard vessel. He brandishes a pole and pushes down on the refugee raft as the occupants scream in fear. About midway through the clip, the scene shifts to a black-and-white view before cutting to a subsequent shot of the raft approaching the Turkish coast guard vessel. The raft is barely afloat at that point, but all 58 refugees (including children) made it safely aboard.

The Hellenic Republic Ministry Of Foreign Affairs published a statement on their website regarding this incident. Although the ship in this video displays Greek coast guard livery, the coast guard says the video is “doctored”:

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