This Taiwanese Model Had Her Career Ruined By An Internet Meme That Went Viral

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11.07.15 2 Comments

The tale of Heidi Yeh is one that joins many other who have found themselves at the mercy of unwanted fame online. As BBC points out, famous memes and online “characters” have launched into viral fame online and forced those at the center to fight back. The “Techno Viking” is a prime example, so is “Star Wars Kid,” and now we have “Plastic Surgery Wife” The connecting factor between all of these things is that each decided to fight back against the source of their pain, something Yeh is hoping will change her fortune.

She never would’ve thought that a photo session in 2012 at the Taipei office for J Walter Thompson would’ve led to a viral image on the Internet. But she also didn’t think it would end up being used at multiple clinics:

But JWT later allowed another plastic surgery clinic, Simple Beauty, to use it on its website; it also put the image on JWT’s Facebook page.

Before long, the photo made its way across the internet, with a new caption: “Plastic surgery – you can’t hide it forever.”

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