‘The Daily Show’ Uses Halloween To Show A Horrifying Future Under President Trump

Entertainment Writer
11.01.16 2 Comments

Trevor Noah pulled a page out of the Orson Welles playbook for Monday’s Halloween episode of The Daily Show, dedicated to showing a future where Donald Trump becomes president and our world is turned upside down. Instead of the audience and the typical Daily Show experience, we’re greeted by a burned out world where Trevor Noah is putting together a desperate pirate broadcast, the news team is spread around the globe in different positions — poor Desi Lydic by the way, forced to eat a rat.

But it’s basically a “what If” Twilight Zone version of The Daily Show that raided Harry Turtledove’s trashcan and then let a writer from Jerry Springer punch it up. There’s a Trump News Network, the revelation that CNN themselves had stolen that missing Malaysian Airlines flight, and that Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart are still beloved. I also like how John Oliver gets arrested during a thrilling segment on eggs.

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