‘The View’ Thinks That If Martin Luther King Jr. Were Alive Today He Would Be Taking A Knee

01.15.18 1 year ago 16 Comments

In observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day on The View Monday, the panel speculated on what the great civil rights leader would do if he were alive today in these tumultuous times we’re currently living in. King would have been 89 years old today. Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that the latest cover of the New Yorker, for instance, suggests that he would be taking a knee alongside Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett.

“I think certainly he would be kneeling,” said Sunny Hostin, who recently came to the conclusion that she believes President Trump is a racist. “I think he would be part of the Black Lives Matter protest movement, I think that he would perhaps not be happy with how long it’s taken — this journey, this dream that he wanted to achieve in the ’60s — that I don’t think we’ve achieved yet,” she said, heartbreakingly.

When Joy Behar pointed out that at the very least, things are better than they were during King’s time, Hostin tentatively agreed. “I believe they are better,” she continued. “But my father reminded me recently, we were talking and he said, ‘Do you understand, you are the first generation in our family to have full rights, and you’re 49?'”

Behar took things even a step further and suggested that if King were alive today, Trump wouldn’t be president. “First of all, he was the most charismatic person of his time, and I think that he would have rallied the troops to vote against Trump,” she said. “So that’s a real loss.”

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