Trevor Noah Compares President Trump’s Conflicting Responses To Puerto Rico And The Las Vegas Massacre

10.03.17 5 months ago 11 Comments

As has been covered earlier, late night television was not playing around with its response to the deadly attack in Las Vegas. Despite the early responses that mirrored many we’ve heard countless times after mass shootings in the past, hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers decided to ignore the calls to hold back their politics by directly criticizing those in the government for ignoring the gun control issues. Trevor Noah followed suit with The Daily Show‘s segment on the tragedy, but offered a take to his audience that hadn’t been addressed.

While CNN and other networks were quick to call Donald Trump’s response to the shootings an effective comment that the country needed to hear and “presidential,” Noah added his own observation to that. While he felt the president showed compassion and understanding to the victims in Las Vegas, he asks why Trump denied the same to the people in Puerto Rico.

“You’re speaking about people who’ve been shot, they’ve been gunned down. And you just go, just in this moment, let’s acknowledge their pain and suffering. And then Puerto Ricans, let’s talk about what they could’ve done…And that’s the irony of the whole situation for me is, people speak about mass shootings like they are natural disasters. People speak about it like there’s nothing you can do, it’s another one, another one hits, oh there’s nothing we can do…

There is something you can do.”

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