Trolls Attacked A Washington Post Editor After Falsely Accusing Her Of Spying On Trump Nominee Rex Tillerson

01.13.17 2 years ago 8 Comments

Getty Image / CSPAN

As Donald Trump’s “sensual” Inauguration Day grows closer, the circus surrounding him is only growing weirder. Did you ever think that you’d hear about President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden being briefed on “Golden Showers”? Exactly. This week also saw confirmation hearings for multiple Trump cabinet nominees, one of them being the somewhat controversial ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, who’s up for secretary of state.

At Tillerson’s hearing, Marco Rubio aggressively grilled him over Russia (where Tillerson has lots of business ties) and the suspicious deaths of journalists who critically report on Vladimir Putin. And during a break, something odd happened on C-SPAN footage. An unidentified Asian woman appeared to pull her phone out and — possibly — snap photos of Tillerson’s notes. It sort of looked like that, but maybe she was only checking Facebook. You be the judge, but Twitter trolls put out the “Who is this woman?” call, so the unfortunate game was on.

A bunch of right-wing trolls concluded that the woman was spying on Tillerson for the Chinese (because they think all Asian people look alike?). They also arbitrarily decided that she must be Washington Post editor Doris Truong, who ended up penning a column about the fallout. In short, she’s now the center of a fake-news conspiracy that’s almost as insane as Pizzagate.

Truong noted that she’s a homepage editor for WaPo, which means that she spends her workdays at the laptop, rather than in the field. She says she was nowhere near the hearing and addresses the disturbing nature of this fake-news conspiracy:

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