Donald Trump Tries To Stem The Backlash From His Russian Hacker Shoutout

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07.27.16 20 Comments

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One would imagine how exhausting a presidential campaign must be, and after winning a coveted major party nomination, most folks would appreciate a little downtime. You know, a day or two off to recharge the batteries. Yet Donald Trump is not a normal candidate, so he’s continuing business as usual. He can’t bear to let the Democratic convention steal the spotlight for a few days. Nope. Trump is gonna say even more outrageous things and possibly make his running mate, Mike Pence, realize that he’s made a yuge mistake.

On Tuesday morning, this definitely happened. Trump expressed — in very clear words — that he hopes Russia locates and releases all of Hillary Clinton’s emails if they’re the ones responsible for the leak. After this statement, Trump’s 2013 words on Edward Snowden came back to haunt him. The real estate mogul had labelled Snowden a “terrible threat, a traitor” who deserves a fate befitting of “the good old days.” Well, the backlash began immediately, and Trump tried to reframe the mess by saying the Russians should kindly “share” Clinton’s emails with the FBI.

Trump campaign Senior Communications Advisor Jason Miller also chimed in.

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