The Trump Foundation Reportedly Made Phantom Donations To Multiple Charities

09.12.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

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Donald Trump’s charitable foundation is much less charitable than he would have you believe. Beyond using $20,000 in donated funds to purchase a painting of himself, Trump may have fudged his charity’s books by reporting donations to the IRS that were never actually made.

According to a Washington Post deep dive into the organization’s reported contributions, in at least five instances, the Trump Foundation reported “phantom” donations to the government.

The Post examined “24 years of tax filings and reached out to more than 200 people and groups listed in those filings as donors or recipients of gifts.” On five separate occasions, Post reporters called a charitable organization to confirm a listed donation and were told that no such contribution existed. Those five instances are listed below.

1. $10,000 to the Giving Back Fund in Los Angeles in 2008.

Marc Pollick, the fund’s president and founder, told the Post that his group searched their files and found no indication of a Trump donation. He wrote in an email: “We have already reached out to the Trump Foundation to ask them to actually SEND us the $10,000 that they claimed they sent in 2008!”

2. $5,000 to the Children’s Medical Center in Omaha, Neb. in 2010.

“Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s Foundation does not have a gift from the Donald J. Trump Foundation or Donald Trump in its records,” said Sarah Weller, a spokeswoman for the medical center, told the Post. She suggested he may have given money to a hospital in a different city, but the Trump Foundation’s records clearly list the Omaha Children’s Medical Center with an accurate address.

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