Trump Mocks ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong-Un After North Korea Says ‘Equilibrium’ Of Force With The U.S. Is Nearly Complete

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On Sunday morning, President Trump rolled out of bed and embarked upon a retweeting spree, which included a GIF of him hitting #CrookedHillary with a golf ball. He also tapped out a few things about foreign policy, including this dubious entry about nuke-happy North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who he referred to as “Rocket Man.” In doing so, Trump relayed a conversation that he had with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, which involved “Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!”

This bizarre “Rocket Man” thing is, of course, what Trump does. He deals with enemies by giving them nicknames on Twitter, like what he did shortly before defeating “Little Marco Rubio” and “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” during primary season.

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