Sanders And Trump Exchange Blows On Twitter Over The Clinton Endorsement

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07.12.16 4 Comments

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The gloves are coming off in the 2016 Election. There has been no love lost between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders while on the campaign trail. The two have traded insults with one another, and it almost came to a head in a proposed debate back in May. Trump was intrigued by the idea of a debate when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in May, with Sanders gung ho about going toe-to-toe with the media mogul. But at the last moment, Trump called off the idea of having one, calling it a joke. Voters took to social media to knock Trump’s decision in hilarious fashion.

Their feud has continued as the two are trading insults over social media. Not long after Sanders publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee, Trump took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter:

Trump may have fired off these opinions in the hopes of dividing the Democratic party and leveraging more support in his favor. He even offered despondent Sanders supporters a chance to come aboard the Trump train:

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