A Trump Supporter Tried To Argue With ‘The Establishment’ On Twitter And It Didn’t Go Well

03.30.16 3 years ago 5 Comments
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Some Donald Trump supporters have perpetrated unfortunate incidents, like telling anti-Trump protesters to “go to Auschwitz,” and even beating them up.

But a certain Trump aficionado gave us all a gift on Tuesday, according to New York Magazine, because she thought that “The Establishment” (aka The MAN) is on Twitter, and kept tweeting vehement Trump support at this account. In the best twist ever (that’s quite obvious by looking at its Twitter page), The Establishment isn’t actually that shadowy cabal that rules the United States, but is a woman’s magazine instead. Cue crying tears of laughter emoji.

Trump supporter Joy Montiel has now protected her tweets, but NY Mag has kept them for posterity. Here’s one of them:

“@ESTBLSHMNT screw you all, your all corrupt, you make me sick. Trumps people know what your doing as do we the people, ever heard of us?”

The Establishment’s reply:

Joy’s sheepish answer:

“@ESTBLSHMNT I’m really embarrassed, please forgive the inconvenience.”

Poor Joy. She may be a Trump supporter, but I’m sure a lot of us have been bested in a pointless social media argument over politics, because in our eagerness to argue, we overlooked some pretty glaring details.

At the same time, her mistake is pretty effing hilarious, as other Twitter users think:

What would’ve been an ordinary Tuesday turned into so much more.

(Via New York Magazine)

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