Donald Trump Is Reportedly Weighing His Options Over The Future Of His Immigration Ban Order

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02.11.17 2 Comments

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On the heels of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against reinstating his immigration ban, President Trump and his team are reportedly going back to the drawing board. NBC News reported Trump hasn’t decided whether he will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, but he may be considering writing a brand new order.

Trump appears to be learning from his past mistakes. This time around he doesn’t seem to be rushing any decisions regarding an immigration ban. His original order barring refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. was blocked nationwide by Seattle federal judge James Robart, a decision later upheld by the 9th Circuit Court. That didn’t sit well with Trump, who found his caps lock key to vent his frustration. According to the The Washington Post, Trump might wait until Monday or Tuesday to make a decision about what comes next and has many options “still on the table”:

“White House and Justice Department officials began mulling several options as new Attorney General Jeff Sessions was briefed on the matter. They could rewrite the order in hopes that modifications would help it pass legal muster. They could ask the Supreme Court or the full 9th Circuit to intervene immediately. Or they could wage a battle in the lower courts, hoping that judges considering more squarely whether the issue ran afoul of the Constitution would land on Trump’s side.”

There is some confusion over this matter according to The Post. The White House stated on Friday they would not inquire about Supreme Court intervention, but that statement was quickly backtracked by White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. The twists and turns never stop coming for the Trump administration. Whatever direction the president finally decides to take concerning the order, there will certainly be an uphill battle awaiting him.

(Via NBC News & The Washington Post)

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