What Everyone Should Know About The Super Critical Super Tuesday

02.29.16 3 years ago

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, an election tradition that started in 1988, where a bunch of states dole out a ton of delegates to those running for president on the same day. In 2016, 14 states and territories hold their primary contests at once. It’s a make or break day for the presidential candidates, and this Uproxx video shows why.

First of all, primary season isn’t about the number of states you win, but rather the amount of delegates you get, as Marco Rubio so helpfully points out to us. There are 595 Republican delegates at stake on Super Tuesday, so you better believe that the Republican candidates are hustling for each and every one. This is especially true because a candidate can win more delegates on Super Tuesday than in any other single day. That means hope for candidates who are lagging behind like Ben Carson.

Yet pundits are predicting that Donald Trump will sweep up most of the delegates from Super Tuesday, with one predicting that he’ll get at least 281. This is because of his momentum from winning New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. The race will be closer on the Democratic side between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, however, with a pundit predicting the Southern states going to Clinton and Massachusetts going to Sanders.

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