This Woman Masterfully Trolled Eric Trump By Posing With Him In A ‘Latina Against Trump’ T-Shirt

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10.23.16 3 Comments

Eric Trump must have called dibs on the lead Trump son position when it comes to embarrassing spectacles this week. Not too long after he inadvertently showed off his stolen In-N-Out lemonade while posing with a Trump “supporter” in Las Vegas, Eric landed in gaffeland in North Carolina. There, he posed with Annie Cardelle, who attended a Salisbury rally as a protester. She managed to nab a photo with Eric while wearing a t-shirt read, “Latina Against Trump” in Spanish. Eric must not know how to read one of the most common romance languages in the world.

This little mess isn’t quite as embarrassing as Mark Cuban calling Eric out for posting a fake rally photo to exaggerate a Trump crowd. However, this t-shirt wearing bandit certainly scores some context points. Donald Trump famously launched his campaign with anti-Hispanic rhetoric while claiming Mexico only sends drug dealers and rapists to the United States. Then Donald tried to claim that a “Mexican” judge (who was born in Indiana) was a “hater” and treated him unfairly because of the beautiful Wall that Trump would build.

On Cinco de Mayo this year, Trump tried to repair his image by posing over a taco bowl while exclaiming, “I love Hispanics!” This tactic didn’t work, and Trump’s being trolled with taco trucks on the campaign trail. And now Eric’s unintentionally adding to the fun.

Here are more photos of Annie’s adventure, courtesy of Cici Cardelle.

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