People Think The Pearl In Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring Is From A Family Heirloom

Well, it’s time to once again offer congratulations to Ariana Grande on her engagement, a familiar experience for longtime fans of the singer. In 2018, she was briefly and chaotically engaged to Pete Davidson, before breaking that relationship off due to the untimely and extremely unexpected death of yet another ex, Mac Miller.

Thankfully, her relationship with current boyfriend, now fiancee, Dalton Gomez, has been blessedly less dramatic, but it hasn’t been significantly longer, either. Quarantining together has certainly brought the new couple close, but let’s keep in mind this is the guy who inspired “Positions,” a No. 1 hit with the most tepid, traditional lyrics a woman could release in the year of our Lord, 2020 (“Cookin’ in the kitchen / And I’m in the bedroom”).

Then there’s the subject of her engagement ring, which is a surprising setting that includes a large oval diamond and a pearl, set east to west on the band together. Eagle eyed fans think they’ve uncovered the source of the unlikely pearl, as a family heirloom previously repurposed into a ring by Ariana’s grandmother that the singer shared back in 2014:

If this is the same pearl from her grandfather’s tie pin, transferred from this ring to her engagement band, then it’s definitely a sweet, meaningful gesture.

I’m still not sold on the speed of this relationship though, or those godawful “Positions” lyrics.