Ariana Grande, Brandy, And Monica Come Together For A Once-In-A-Lifetime Remix Of ‘The Boy Is Mine’

Two generations of powerhouse vocalists are coming together. Monica and Brandy had the ’90s in a chokehold, both as individual artists, as well as on their iconic duet, “The Boy Is Mine.” Many modern day vocalists, including Ariana Grande, have cited Brandy and Monica as inspirations. Tonight (June 21), the three have teamed up on a remix of Grande’s song called “The Boy Is Mine.

Grande has said she’s always wanted to create her own version of Brandy and Monica’s 1998 track, “The Boy Is Mine,” and she realized this goal on her most recent album, Eternal Sunshine. Though her song is a solo song, and is sonically, lyrically, and structurally different, Grande stands on business, not letting anyone come between her and her man.

On the remix, Monica sings the first verse, taking over for Grande. Brandy, also known as the vocal bible, takes over on the second verse, before all three deliver an all-new bridge.

Perhaps we should’ve seen this collaboration coming all along, especially as Brandy and Monica make a surprise appearance in the video for Grande’s “The Boy Is Mine.” But three top-notch women in music coming together to create magic? We love to see it.

You can listen to “The Boy Is Mine” remix above.