All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week in pop music saw some highly-anticipated releases and unexpected features. FKA Twigs released her ethereal sophomore record Magdelena, Nicki Minaj teamed up with Columbian singer Karol G for a Latin-infused banger, and Iggy Azalea made a triumphant follow-up to her 2019 record In My Defense.

Every week, Uproxx rounds up the best new releases. Listen up.

FKA Twigs — “Fallen Alien”

FKA Twigs released her highly-anticipated sophomore record, Magdalene, and with it, the singer unveiled several intimate and affecting ballads. “Fallen Alien” is one of the singer’s more thrilling tracks. At times sonically jarring, “Fallen Alien” features heavily-layered instrumentals and melancholy piano.

Karol G — “Tusa” Feat Nicki Minaj

Columbian singer Karol G teamed up with Nicki Minaj for a light-hearted tune. While Karol G showcases her feathery vocal range, Nicki mixes English and Spanish for her hard-hitting verse. The toned-down instrumentals feature vivacious violin strings under a bright, popping backbeat.

Iggy Azalea — “Lola” Feat Alice Chater

Iggy Azalea recruited UK singer Alice Chater for her latest track “Lola,” a haunting yet upbeat follow-up to her latest record In My Defense, released earlier this year. The tune starts with Chater’s subdued and soaring vocals before a clapping beat takes over. The bass finally drops as Iggy Azalea’s quick-witted verse hits with a message summed up succinctly in one line, “I’m a loose cannon with a lot of ammo.”

Lauren Sanderson — “Upset”

Soft, resounding synths open to Sanderson’s throaty vocals on her latest track, “Upset.” With a shimmering production, Sanderson sings of the pitfalls of having a sensitive heart. The track boasts a subtle, thumping beat with a nostalgic edge.

The Chainsmokers — “Push My Luck”

“Push My Luck” is the sixth single off The Chainsmokers‘ third studio record. The sultry track is a reflection on the uncertainty that arrives with a budding relationship. The full instrumental drop arrives two-thirds through the song—a record scratch signals a change before a crashing electronic beat melts with mixed vocals.

Rosalía — “A Palé”

Spanish pop sensation Rosalía put forth the haunting track “A Palé” after her international breakout last year. Kicking off with Rosalía’s voice mixed as though it’s coming through a record player, the song’s pulsating beat switch arrives without much warning. The singer opts for a speaking voice for the majority of the evocative track, using pitch-changed vocals for the chorus.

Ali Gatie — “How Things Used To Be”

22-year-old Toronto singer put forth his debut EP, You. With it, Gatie showcases his tender lyrics and gentle beats. On “How Things Used To Be,” Gatie croons of a past relationship with slightly auto-tuned vocals and gentle strumming.

Wens — “Rich And Famous”

A resounding guitar opens with Wen’s powerful voice on the singer’s new single. On “Rich And Famous,” Wens sings of downfalls of materialism and plasticity that comes with the celebrity lifestyle. “Do you want to sell your soul to the devil / To go up one notch one level?” she sings over a rolling beat.

Labrinth — “Like A Movie”

Labrinth begins with the cliche warning on his new single, “Be careful what you wish for,” a voice lulls. Labrinth shows off his swelling vocals over an 8-bit synth beat. With the beat’s arrival, a funky saxophone and rolling synths are added into the mix. The triumphant anthem further proves Labrinth’s expansive talent as a producer and musician.

Allie X — “Regulars”

Allie X delivers her new single, “Regulars,” as an anthem for outsiders. Deep guitar chords open under a snapping drum beat. Allie X’s husky voice melts over the chorus’s shimmering production.

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