All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

Thanksgiving and the first of the holiday season breaks are just around the corner. And this week’s musicians have been blessing fans with nothing less than amazing material ahead of turkey time. Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones, taking time off work, or just sipping hot chocolate somewhere warm, we’ve compiled a list of some shining-star new pop releases to soundtrack any form of company.

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PinkPantheress – “Do You Miss Me?”

The latest in a handful of singles this year, PinkPantheress’ “Do You Miss Me?” opens with an incredibly enticing dance beat produced by Kaytranda and Dill Aitchison. Her gentle voice gets blended over the electronic instrumental with a catchy chorus that details a complicated relationship. “All I wantеd was to scream / When I saw one of hеr messages that popped up on your screen,” she notes in the second verse.

Self Esteem – “Hobbies 2 (Acoustic)”

For the first anniversary of her debut album, Prioritise Pleasure, Self Esteem dropped a new deluxe edition of the record — featuring five songs that have been reimagined with acoustic and string accompaniments. One of these that stands out is the stunning new take of “Hobbies 2,” with the airy and hypnotic vocals complimenting the orchestra perfectly.

Nessa Barrett – “Deathmatch”

Nessa Barrett also shared some extended album songs this week from October’s Young Forever. “Deathmatch” sets the scene immediately, building up the listener’s anticipation that something is going to happen. Barrett lyrically battles her own emotions over a fast-paced beat, which also includes an attention-grabbing boxing bell as a brilliant creative flourish to the song’s theme.

Karol G – “Cairo”

Cairo” is a collaboration between Karol G and Ovy On The Drums that proves the duo work well together — as he provides subtle harmonies to Karol’s leading verses. However, it’s the Latin beat that drives the track forward, making it perfect for the dance floor… Or wherever you might be.

Dermot Kennedy – “One Life”

“One Life” appears on Dermot Kennedy’s new album, Sonder, as an uplifting anthem for someone he cares about. In an interview with The Music, he notes it being one of the songs he’s most proud of. “I was at a point where no song was good enough and I was longing to be back home but after persevering, it made it all worthwhile just for this song,” Kennedy said.

Sam Smith – “Night Before Christmas”

Keeping in theme with the upcoming holiday, Sam Smith returns with a new single, “Night Before Christmas.” The subtle guitar lets Smith’s powerfully recognizable vocals take the lead. It is such a strong performance that follows up their “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” cover from years back. The question is: When are we getting the full winter album?

Sabrina Carpenter – “Nonsense (Sped-Up Version)”

A new remix from Sabrina Carpenter, “Nonsense (Sped-Up Version)” adds an extra ounce of flair to the original. After dropping the music video for the regular version recently, it seems the rising pop star had more surprises in store for the fan-favorite song. It’s exactly as it sounds — Sabrina’s voice is pitched higher, but it adds a quirky bit of fun to the typical dance playlist.

Olivia O’Brien – “Gone Girl”

Included on Olivia O’Brien’s new EP, A Means To An End, “Gone Girl” is a heartbreaking pop song that plays on the themes in the mystery movie. O’Brien contemplates running away from life’s problems completely. “Moved on / Leaving everything behind me,” she sings over a synth beat.

Alan Walker (feat. Upsahl) – “Shut Up”

DJ Alan Walker brought Upsahl on “Shut Up” for his new album. She sings entirely on the track, as the production radiates angst with its pop-rock melody. The vibes shift in the chorus when Walker introduces some electronic flourishes. “We’ve heard it all before,” Upsahl adds as a sarcastically biting line.

Caitlin Rose – “Modern Dancing”

Caitlin Rose’s “Modern Dancing” combines folk songwriting elements with electronic pop — reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen. “I’ve got a romance with ruin,” Rose reveals, just before the twinkling instrumental gives listeners their own moment to dance.

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