Billie Eilish Addresses Young People’s Climate Change Concerns In An Inspirational Ad Campaign

Since rising to international fame, Billie Eilish has used her large platform to be a vocal advocate for climate reform. Not only did the singer say her track “All The Good Girls Go To Hell” is about climate change, but Eilish encouraged her listeners to eat less meat after going vegan, and even offered free concert tickets to environmentally friendly fans. Now, Eilish has teamed up with Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile, to inspire future activism.

In a new ad campaign, Eilish addresses the societal critique of Gen-Z’s reliance on technology. The singer flips the criticism, displaying how young people use technology to connect with each other, inspire grassroots activism, and pressure large corporations to be more sustainable. “We all have the potential to make a positive impact on our planet, and I’m hopeful our generation will use their platforms to collaborate and communicate and make a difference,” Eilish said in the video’s voice-over.

The awe-inspiring visual was directed by Emmy-nominated Vincent Haycock, who said they aimed to represent the “spirit” of the younger generation: “We wanted to capture the spirit of this generation and show their collective voice harnessed by their use of social media. They are a generation that uses technology and social media to raise awareness and create communities.”

Watch Eilish’s ad campaign above.