Billie Eilish’s Stripped-Down ‘Lunch’ Video Is A Super-Saturated Good Time

Billie Eilish’s new album, Hit Me Hard And Soft, is officially, which apparently means her self-imposed embargo on releasing singles has expired. “Lunch,” the borderline-NSFW song she debuted at Coachella last month, is the first song from the set to get the music video treatment. In the super-saturated, lo-fi clip, Billie dances in front of the camera in a number of different baggy outfits, showing off her grill, and lounging on an old couch.

In an interview with Rolling Stone ahead of the album’s release, Eilish explained the inspiration behind “Lunch,” which was just about as racy as the song’s lyrics. “I wrote some of it before even doing anything with a girl, and then wrote the rest after,” Eilish said. “I’ve been in love with girls for my whole life, but I just didn’t understand — until, last year, I realized I wanted my face in a vagina.”

Elsewhere on the album, Billie confronts her body image issues on the song “Skinny.” “People say I look happy / Just because I got skinny,” she sings. “But the old me is still me / And maybe the real me, and I think she’s pretty.”

Hit Me Hard And Soft is out now via Darkroom/Interscope Records. Find more information here.