Britney Spears’ Conservator Reportedly Wants The Singer To Pay For Her 24/7 Security

Britney Spears’ legal battles have been making headlines for well over a year. The public’s interest in Spears’ situation has apparently led to her current conservator receiving death threats. As a result, the conservator has reportedly asked Spears’ estate to front the cost of a 24-hour security team. But she didn’t receive any sympathy from Spears’ team, as they’re apparently used to taking the brunt of public criticism.

According to a report from TMZ, Spears’ court-appointed conservator Jodi Montgomery filed court documents requesting the singer’s estate to pay an estimated $50,000 a month for around-the-clock security, citing a “flood of death threats” following Spears’ public statements about her conservatorship. Spears’ father Jamie reportedly filed an objection to the request, stating that he’s “been getting death threats for years,” as has Spears’ former attorney Sam Ingham.

Jamie didn’t deny Montgomery’s request completely, according to TMZ’s report. He said that the court should evaluate the cost of a reasonable amount of security to ensure Montgomery remains safe. But if he was expected to shell out $50,000 a month for Montgomery, Jamie anticipates that multiple others would come forward with the same request.

News of Montgomery’s security plea arrives shortly after Jamie blamed her for Spears’ frustrations about her restricted personal freedoms. In her public statement about her conservatorship, Spears claimed the situation was “abusive” and that she has been denied the right to remove her birth control.