Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband, Jason Alexander, Has Reportedly Been Convicted Of Crashing Her Wedding

Britney Spears‘ ex-husband Jason Alexander (not the Seinfeld actor) has reportedly been convicted of crashing her wedding to Sam Asghari, according to a report by The Guardian.

Alexander appeared in a California court in Ventura County this past weekend, where he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts.

Spears and Alexander were married in 2004 for less than three days, and the latter appeared uninvited at Spears’ Thousand Oaks, California home this past June, where her marriage ceremony with Asghari took place. Alexander livestreamed his entrance of the home on Instagram, went up to Spears’ bedroom door, which, at the time, was locked as she was getting ready for the ceremony, according to testimony at a preliminary hearing.

Alexander was later removed from the home, but not before reportedly damaging a door and battering a security guard who attempted to remove him.

A judge issued a protective order forbidding Alexander to come within 100 yards of Spears and the aforementioned security guard after Alexander entered his plea.

The Ventura County judge reportedly sentenced Alexander to 64 days in jail, which he has already served. Prosecutors have since dropped charges of felony stalking and misdemeanor vandalism.

On a related note, Spears’ other ex-husband Kevin Federline recently spoke out, claiming that their two sons are purposely avoiding Spears, due to her posts on Instagram. Federline also sent a video of Spears to TMZ, appearing to be arguing with her sons.