Britney Spears Fondly Remembers Meeting An ‘Adorable’ 15-Year-Old Justin Bieber

If there’s one thing Britney Spears loves, it’s sharing videos of herself dancing on Instagram. Her latest one arrived last night, set to Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s hit 2019 single “I Don’t Care.” In the post’s caption, Spears took the opportunity to praise Bieber and reminisce about the first time she met him.

Spears wrote, “@justinbieber I remember when you visited me in my dressing room on tour and your beautiful little mamma walked in and said ‘do you know where a tanning bed is?’ You were 15 and you were adorable! Thank you for your music … you’re a little devil now [smiling devil emojis] I know because I have boys … but you’re a timeless genius and I will always dance to your music !!!”

Spears previously told a more in-depth version of this story, although some details are inconsistent between the two tellings. In a BBC Radio 1 interview from 2016, Spears said, “I met him. It’s weird. Probably three years ago on Femme Fatale. He walks into my hotel room and he was like a kid! Literally, he looked like he was 13 years old, but he was 16. And I was like ‘Who is this kid in my hotel? Like, what is going on?’ And his mom is like, ‘Is there a tanning bed located in here?!’ […] And I’m like, ‘Who are these people?’ And my assistant was like, ‘This is Justin Bieber and his mother.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God! I cannot believe this.’ He’s very unassuming. He’s a very nice, kind boy. He’s obviously way older now. He was extremely kind.”

Bieber previously showed love for Spears when wife Hailey Bieber re-created Spears’ iconic “…Baby One More Time” video look for Halloween last year. Bieber shared a photo of the costume and wrote, “Baby you killed this. @britneyspears we love you.”

Ed Sheeran is a Warner Music artist. .