Ed Sheeran And Justin Bieber Went Wild In Their ‘I Don’t Care’ Video, And The Internet Is Loving It

Over the past week or so, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have been teasing a video for their new collaborative single, “I Don’t Care,” and the impression they gave is that it would be pretty wacky. They hinted that the video would be heavily green screen-based, and going just off Sheeran and Bieber’s social media posts, fans knew going into it that the video would include panda suits, cowboys, wrestling costumes, tandem bicycles, psychedelic pools, Bieber wearing an ice cream cone costume while running away from a dinosaur, and more.

The video dropped this morning, and believe it or not, it’s actually stranger than they let on. It begins with Sheeran at a stuffy party and singing about how he doesn’t want to be there, but shortly after that, his world starts losing touch with reality, and that’s when the green screen madness starts. Bieber quickly joins the party, and the two find themselves playing tennis in outer space, riding jet skis in banana suits, and basically letting their video editor do whatever the heck they want.

It’s a video that really has to be memed, and given that Bieber and Sheeran are two of the world’s biggest pop stars, the internet has delivered, so check out some of the best reactions to the “I Don’t Care” video below.

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