A BTS Member Mispronounced Chipotle, So The Chain Changed Their Name On Twitter

As the authors of some of the most popular tweets by far, K-pop group BTS seem to make waves across Twitter whenever they do something of note. This time, BTS even caught the attention of chain restaurant Chipotle. A video circulated of a BTS member mispronouncing Chipotle’s name, and the brand totally ran with it.

A behind-the-scenes video of BTS’ The Late Late Show With James Corden performance shows the group being delivered Chipotle for lunch. After opening the box of food, BTS’ Jungkook pronounced it “Chicotle,” with fellow member with J-Hope adding he thought they were being served chocolate. Chipotle then took it upon themselves to change their official Twitter name to “Chicotle,” and BTS fans were very much on board.

It looks like the name change is also a way to tease an upcoming partnership between BTS and Chipotle. After updating their Twitter, the corporation sent out a tweet meant for BTS stans. “gm tannies,” they wrote, which is a word used to affectionately refer to BTS fans.

One fan replied to Chipotle’s tweet, asking the brand to have a discount code exclusively for BTS fans. Chipotle replied, teasing that a BTS collaboration might actually be in the works. “Tomorrow?” they wrote with a purple heart emoji.

The next day, Chipotle re-tweeted a tweet from one of the largest BTS stan accounts, which said they were partnering with the chain for “something big tonight.”

The brand hasn’t revealed the exact nature of the partnership, but it definitely wouldn’t be the first time Chipotle teamed up with a musical group. Last spring, Chipotle and Twenty One Pilots created a menu item based on one of the band members’ favorite meals. More recently, Chipotle tapped none other than Kacey Musgraves to lend her vocals on a heart-tugging cover of Coldplay’s hit track “Fix You,” which appeared in a short film created by the chain.

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