BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ Video Is Still Breaking YouTube Records Two Weeks After Its Release

The BTS Army has made it their task to ensure that everything BTS does will be superlative. That’s what they’ve done with the group’s recent “Dynamite” video, anyway. The video for the first English-language BTS song had the most concurrent viewers during a YouTube premiere of all time, it was the fastest video to reach 10 million views, and it was the first video to eclipse 100 million views in its first 24 hours on the site. On top of that, the song debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making BTS the first all-South Korean artist to ever top the chart.

The “Dynamite” video (which currently has nearly 300 million views) is still out there getting plenty of attention, even two weeks after its release. In fact, it has broken another record: The “Dynamite” visual is now the most commented-on music video in YouTube history, with over 6.5 million comments currently. As Mashable notes, that breaks the record previously set by BTS’ own “DNA” video, which has about 6.3 million comments.

Times have been prosperous for BTS lately. Aside from all the aforementioned, they also performed at the VMAs and won all four of the awards for which they were nominated.

Watch the “Dynamite” video here.