BTS Hit The City Streets For Their Debut Performance Of ‘Dynamite’ At The 2020 VMAs

The MTV VMAs aren’t exactly the most traditional affair this year, but that doesn’t mean big performances have been stricken from the show. A lot of huge acts are participating, one of the most beloved being BTS. During pre-show interviews, Jaden and host Keke Palmer both cited the group’s performance as the one they were most looking forward to, and as BTS tends to do, they delivered.

They are hot off the release of their “Dynamite” video, and they took advantage of the timing of the VMAs to give the debut performance of the track during the ceremony. For the performance of the English-language single, they took to the (green screen) streets dressed to the nines and performed fun choreography for the upbeat pop tune.

BTS are among the most nominated acts of the year, as they have three nods tonight, all for their “On” visual: Best K-Pop, Best Choreography, and Best Pop.

There’s no doubt that a non-insignificant portion of the viewing audience for this year’s VMAs is part of the BTS Army, as the group’s famously enthusiastic fan base has shown up in major ways lately. BTS recently debuted the video for “Dynamite,” and it shattered YouTube records. During the premiere, there were between 3 and 4 million simultaneous viewers. The clip also reached 10 million viewers in just 21 minutes, and in its first 24 hours, it racked up an impressive 101.1 million views, making them the first group to eclipse 100 million views in a video’s first day.

Watch BTS perform “Dynamite” above, and find the full list of this year’s VMAs winners here.