Carly Rae Jepsen Tells Us How Her New ‘Hello Kitty: Super Style!’ Theme Song Spreads Pure Happiness

“She’s got the style, she’s got the glow by your side, wherever you go,” Grammy-winning global pop star Carly Rae Jepsen sings in the optimistic new theme song for Amazon Kids+’s new series, Hello Kitty: Super Style!.

The iconic Sanrio character gets a chance to shine with a 3D global debut, with the first season airing throughout 2023. As the first six episodes premiered earlier this month, parents and kids alike will have an opportunity to spend the winter season watching.

As Jepsen describes, she’s using the upcoming holiday break to bond with her recently-born niece and nephew through the colorful character. “This is the year where I’m an auntie twice over,” she said. “I’ve got a little nephew and a niece just born this past year. So, I’m excited for them to grow up and learn more about Hello Kitty. And then, get to point back and be like, ‘Look, I sang on the theme song guys.’”

“My niece, actually, and my nephew are going to be in the same town with me in a couple of weeks,” Jepsen adds. “Our family is going to have to sit down and just enjoy the show together, even though they’re still too young to understand what’s going on. I know my sister and I are excited. Being a new auntie, I’m excited for [them] to grow up and get to see some of the things that were such a big part of my childhood.”

While Jepsen herself couldn’t recall the exact moment she first was introduced to the cartoon, she has felt the heart and impact of Hello Kitty since being a child.

“I was such a fan of the show and obviously of Hello Kitty, who is just iconic and has been a part of my childhood and life. So, when the opportunity came around to ask if I’d want to sing on it, I said, ‘Yes, first let me hear the song.’ And I really loved the playfulness of it. ‘Hooray, yippee, buttons and bows.’ It got stuck in my head.”

The musician first got her start at age 21 by appearing on Canadian Idol, before becoming a household name with the extremely-catchy hit “Call Me Maybe” in 2012. Since then, she has dropped some incredible pop albums, including 2015’s Emotion and 2022’s The Loneliest Time.

Jepsen’s career has also been interspersed with moments that combine music and television. Whether it was her Idol debut or appearing as Frenchy in the 2016 live-action TV adaption of Grease, her contribution to the Hello Kitty: Super Style! theme song — which was written by Jared Faber (Teen Titans Go!) — serves as the next step for this interwoven aspect of her career.

As devoted fans might already know, this also wasn’t Jepsen’s first contribution to a TV theme song either. She previously performed a cover of “Everywhere You Look” for the Netflix sequel to the classic sitcom Fuller House in 2016. Which, in a way, continues to make things feel full circle for Jepsen.

“Well, it’s funny that you say that because there has been a tiny little spin back to beautiful childhood moments in my adult career, which has been really fun. It’s almost nostalgic, and it’s playful. That happened, obviously, with Full House. Growing up, I’d watch it a lot and getting to do the theme song for that felt so wild when they came up with the new show. Similarly, I think growing up with Hello Kitty and getting to do the theme song when they presented her with her own television show felt really lovely.”

Read the rest of Uproxx’s conversation with Carly Rae Jepsen below.

The show itself is targeted for a younger audience. How have you seen, or even in your own experience, people’s relationships with Hello Kitty as a character evolve as they get older?

I think Hello Kitty is one of those beloved characters that’s just part of the culture from the moment I can remember, from the moment I could say ‘Go.’ I first kind of got really into appreciating what a big character Hello Kitty was and what a huge message she stood behind once I was visiting Japan.

A big part of my career, I traveled to Japan a lot for just shows and tours. It’s my favorite place to also shop and learn about fashion. I mean, Harajuku is probably like my version of Disneyland. It was just really wonderful.

Around the time, actually, of being offered this, I was in Japan. I was in Hakone actually. I remember the emails kind of coming through and being really excited. I was in a little train station, and I [saw] this little pair of Hello Kitty socks.

And I bought them in celebration for just knowing this collaboration was coming together. It was a magical moment. It felt quite kismet because like I said, I’ve had Hello Kitty backpacks and merch all my life. I’ve definitely been a big fan. It felt like the perfect combination.

What was her impact on the culture like in Japan?

There’s a whole Hello Kitty store in Japan. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth. I think that’s what really excited me is getting to bring that show to Amazon Kids+ and kind of see that it was going to be more globally supported.

What were your first memories with Hello Kitty?

You just always know that Hello Kitty was about kindness. I think that was a big thing that I took away from the messaging. And about how actions are just not what you say, but what you do that’s really important. And how you care for your friends.

Obviously, she’s like a big fashionista too. That was so cute to me especially as I was traveling the world and discovering what my style was. I really am attracted to things that are cute as well as playful, you know, not taking themselves too seriously. I love to really explore with fashion.

What message do you hope people, whether it’s kids or adults, take away from the theme song and the show?

I think it is mostly joyful and playful and realizing that fashion can be fun. It can help bring confidence, but the main confidence you always find in yourself. I think that’s really important to know. I think Hello Kitty is about kindness and I love that messaging. It’s something that the world needs a lot of and it’s a message that kids can learn.