The Internet Loved And Loathed ‘Grease: Live’ With Peachy Keen Reactions

Sunday evening’s Grease: Live went off with a rousing bang, and the live-action musical may be alive once more. Sandy and Danny Zuko received much greater internet respect than the dance moves and strange flight patterns of last year’s Peter Pan effort. Although we didn’t hear the dirty language of the original Grease, the new cast gave it their all. The sets were on point, and a little rain stopped no one.


After other live-action musical flops, audience expectations weren’t high for this production. However, Julianne Hough was cast perfectly for Sandy’s bobby-soxing ways and shiny pants. Aaron Tveit was rather earnest as Danny Zuko, who could use a little danger. Carly Rae Jepsen was serviceable as Frenchie, but everyone paled next to Vanessa Hudgens, who IS Rizzo. One bittersweet note to Hudgens’ performance was how her father, Greg, passed away on Sunday morning. The show ended with a fitting dedication to Greg, who would have marveled at his daughter’s performance.

Hudgens nailed Rizzo so hard that the character deserves her own spinoff now. The actress certainly moved past High School Musical.

Elsewhere, the skeptics came out in droves to point out bloopers and laugh at the spectacle of, well, imagined farts.

However, there were many enthusiasts watching, starting with some drama geeks.

With this level of interest, there may be Grease: Live 2 in the future. Grease lightning could strike twice, but then I’d have to crack this bad joke again.