Charlie Puth Shows His Petty Side And Berates His Ex On New Single ‘That’s Hilarious’

Charlie Puth was playing games with fans when it came to the release of “Light Switch,” a highly-anticipated single he’d been building up and teasing on TikTok. Now, he’s clearly shifted back to album release mode, and already put a new single out.

“That’s Hilarious” is anything but funny though, and shows a petty side. Berating an ex who clearly put him through the wringer, Puth laments that someone “took away a year / Of my f*cking life / and I can’t get it back,” before adding that “So when I see those tears / coming out your eyes / I hope it’s me they’re for.” Then, the pettiness hits on the chorus: “You didn’t love when you had me / But now you need me so badly / You can’t be serious / That’s hilarious.” During that part of the song, a synthesized laugh track also plays in the background.

The visualizer he shared with the song intersperses clips of Charlie as a child with footage he described as “when I was secretly dying inside” in a text message at the beginning of the video. So, yeah, that’s the direction Puth has gone in for this one! It will definitely be interesting to see how this fits in with “Light Switch” and whatever else he’s got up his sleeve for LP3. Check out the new single up top.