Here’s What Conan Gray And Gracie Abrams Did The First Time Taylor Swift Posted His Music

If there’s anything the next generation of pop stars have down pat, it’s social media. That goes double for Conan Gray, who was practically born and raised on the internet, and even built up his own digital following at a young age with Youtube videos and plenty of #content before his powerhouse ballads and anthems took over pop. From the anthemic joyride bangers like “Overdrive” and the softer, quieter songs like “Astronomy,” or “People Watching,” Gray is quickly becoming a standout voice in the ever-expanding world of Gen Z stars.

Though he’s already released a brand new song in 2022, “Jigsaw,” for a recent #BehindTheTweets, Gray — and fellow rising star Gracie Abrams — looked back into the past. Tagging Gray in her post, Gracie tweeted “I teared up when Taylor posted @ConanGray, I’m not even joking real tears.” After making sure to note that he loves Gracie, Conan reflected on his own reaction to what is a pretty seminal moment in any young pop star’s career, let alone one who is so clearly influenced by the Swiftian songwriting complex.

“I also teared up,” Conan admitted. “It was a unanimous tear up.” Check out his reading of the tweet and more reflections about Taylor in the video above. And, as always, keep an ear out for more new music from Conan coming soon.