Conan Gray’s ‘Overdrive’ Video Is A Bit Of Joyride Pop To Cure Quarantine Blues

After a long history as a beloved Youtuber while he was growing up, Conan Gray broke out in a big way over the last few years, initially releasing the Sunset Season EP and following it up last year with his debut full-length album, Kid Krow. Though he was slated for an international tour and appearances at huge festivals like Coachella, Gray understandably had to put his live show on hold due to the restrictions of the pandemic, but that hasn’t slowed him down in the least.

He appeared on Corden last year to perform the Kid Krow track “Heather” live, and released a brand new song earlier this month in “Overdrive.” The song itself is windows-down, scream-into-the-night pop, and now it has a similarly serotonin-inducing video to go with it. In the clip, Conan and a best friend go on the kind of adventures that are guaranteed to be fun no matter what as long as the right person is by your side. Instead of simply a car-driving video, the pair dance in kitchens and bedrooms, ride bikes and take trains, along with speed through the city at night in a convertible. It’s the perfect joyride video to cure quarantine blues, a bit of catharsis for all those who have been stuck inside. Watch it above.